A Dream Vacation

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Traveling around everywhere can be tons of fun. This topic is one of my favorite to write about. I live in a city that is considered to be a major US travel destination, and I get to watch other people enjoy themselves. It is quite fun and entertaining and a boost in morale. Where do you plan on traveling to next? Wherever you go, make sure you plan a joyous time.

Vacations are meant to be fun, and it’s saddening to see some people feel like they need a vacation from their vacation. Traveling can take a lot out of you. You are going to be outside of your comfort zone seeking comfort. While that does create a yearning for home, you have been waiting for this vacation. Step outside of your comfort zone, forgo some of the luxuries, leave the daily hassles of your regular life alone and relax.

I always say that when I retire that I’m going to stop writing and begin reading more often. I plan on doing it on the beach. I met a man the other day that decided that he was going to fish every single day during retirement. He was very happy, and this one simple pleasure was what he planned to do. Sure his life involves other things, but his retirement picture involved fishing daily.


Wherever you are at in life, learn to enjoy your travels and maximize the time spent. There is a time and place for everything, and vacations are meant to be a getaway. Even if you simply take a 68a10d_89657e3e61454576b316fdc82f3ea1d1vacation at home, that is still relaxing. Surely you are looking forward to your next travel experience, though, and let your dreams tell you where you would like to go. Yes, it will have to be affordable, but make those sacrifices. Make it happen. We have traveled to some of the most remote places in the world and it get’s more amazing every time. We often travel with our friends Chad and Kristy Adcock who are a chiropractor in Tyler Tx.